Photography is a technique of tools. Wonderful tools.

I love using my beautiful cameras: a 4x5 Ebony, 5x7 Shen Hao, and 8x10 Shen Hao.

I find the spherical sculpture of glass within my lenses from Rodenstock, Nikon, Fujinon, and Schneider to be a work of art in and of themselves.

I marvel at not only the significant height and insignificant weight of my Gitzo tripod, but also the beauty of the carbon fiber weave.

I'm astounded how a drum scanner can pull every subtle little nuance of tonality and texture out of a negative, and how a monochromatic inkset can produce images of great tonal scale and emotion.


However, I also recognize that such fine tools are simply that. Tools.

Cameras are light-tight boxes.

Lenses are a vehicle for the transmission of light.

A tripod holds the camera motionless.

It is up to the photographer to make sure light falls upon silver in a meaningful way.

As far as a Statement, I refer you to the Portfolios link. I hope words are not necessary.